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There are 3 great reasons to book your senior pictures this spring – I know, I know…you are saying – I’d prefer a fall session, or the school will do them in the summer. Or even, I don’t think I’ll care about senior pictures in the spring. Hold on! First, you are NOT tied to […]

book your senior pictures this spring

My Loudoun Family Portrait Photographer blog site made it to the our Top 50 Family Photography blogs today! I’m so excited and starting to even more energized for the upcoming content I’m working on for this blog and my seniors blog too! I’ve been working to increase the audience of my blogs recently, both here […]

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Are you musically inclined? Creative senior pictures with musical instruments? Absolutely! Have you spent years learning how to play a musical instrument? Lessons, practice, performances? Music is a big part of your life then, right? So why aren’t we bringing it into your senior pictures? It’s easy to do…just bring the instrument to your senior […]

senior boy with trumpet

Smoke bombs in a senior session?  Why not?  Senior photo sessions are even more fun when we get a little creative and have some fun.  For Kara, we added some smoke bombs at the waterfall so we could play with the colored smoke bombs and the light placement. There are so many different things we […]

senior portraits with smoke bombs

How to plan what clothes to bring for a great senior session Selecting outfits for senior pictures doesn’t have to be a difficult task. I always recommend starting in your closet – before you go to the store! Be sure to include a favorite t-shirt, top or jacket. If you LOVE it, bring it! And […]

perfect outfits for senior pictures

Why do we look for the flaws in photos of ourselves? I decided upon portrait photography years ago because I LOVE helping people find themselves in a photo. I love when they see themselves in a positive light, maybe even one they hadn’t yet considered for themselves. But how about when a photo doesn’t boost […]

siblings photo affecting my self confidence