Senior & Family Photographer

Smoke bombs in a senior session?  Why not?  Senior photo sessions are even more fun when we get a little creative and have some fun.  For Kara, we added some smoke bombs at the waterfall so we could play with the colored smoke bombs and the light placement. There are so many different things we […]

senior portraits with smoke bombs

How to plan what clothes to bring for a great senior session Selecting outfits for senior pictures doesn’t have to be a difficult task. I always recommend starting in your closet – before you go to the store! Be sure to include a favorite t-shirt, top or jacket. If you LOVE it, bring it! And […]

perfect outfits for senior pictures

Why do we look for the flaws in photos of ourselves? I decided upon portrait photography years ago because I LOVE helping people find themselves in a photo. I love when they see themselves in a positive light, maybe even one they hadn’t yet considered for themselves. But how about when a photo doesn’t boost […]

siblings photo affecting my self confidence

I could never find my camera smile, especially if I was forced to say cheese. As a child, everyone says say cheese like it’s going to twist your mouth up into the right position to reflect happiness. Umm…no – it really doesn’t work that way folks. Say cheese never worked for me – and I […]

Don't say cheese unless you really want to - 2

Adorable Irish Setter Puppy Family in the snow Just because they are dogs…pardon me, Irish Setter pups…does not mean they aren’t a family. Look at them…a big brother, a big sister and a little baby puppy…maybe not blood related, but they are growing up together and play together and are probably as bonded as any […]

fall color in the portrait park on a bridge

When my mom job was down-sized by empty nest, I learned a lot about myself

Finding myself in the empty nest starting youngest cap and gown