Senior Photos

Do you want a quick and easy photo shoot with just a few outfits?  

Do you only need a yearbook photo for yourself or the school?

Do you want something with a little more time to relax and feel comfortable?

Would you like to incorporate a sport, hobby, or something else important to you?

Would you like to have it ALL...and maybe even add the family on for the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE?

SEnior PictureS pricing

Senior Session & Pricing Guide

But it can be confusing to know where to start, and how to understand your options when selecting who you will work with, and what you will get from a senior photo session.  If you find yourself a little confused about it all, take a peek at my blog post where I outline some of the important points to consider 
"How to find a senior photographer & have a great senior photo experience"

 What if I told you I put together the
Ultimate Guide to finding a Senior Photographer
to help you make that decision of who is right for you easier?
And that it’s FREE…

finding the right senior portrait photographer is really important 



Indoor Studio

Portrait Park

Senior Portfolios

Just a few sample images from over the years in the indoor studio, the portrait park, some creative cap and gown photos, yearbook tux and drape photos, and fun ways to incorporate your favorite sport, hobby, or other activity into your senior photos.  These are a great starting point for senior picture ideas, and what to wear for senior pictures.

Senior Portrait session Pricing

We have a session type for everyone!  From the FREE Yearbook session to the "Ultimate" (2 full sessions to capture EVERYTHING about you, or for you to add in your family as a session too. 

Somewhere in there I know you'll find a session that will work for you.  

Basic, Premium and Ultimate Senior Photo Sessions types offered! 

Are you ready to plan for some really creative senior photos? 
Check out this blog post!

want more creative senior photos?

Right from the start of planning we'll help you find the right senior portrait session type if you'd like to have some creative options like smoke bombs or a digitally enhanced photo or composite with your images.  We have extensive experience to offer options during your session AND for how to create ART composites and special effects in photo editing software after your session. 

Helping you plan for the best results for your senior photos

I want to make sure you have the best results, so I have put together LOTS of ways to help you prepare for your senior photo session.  What to wear to senior photos for guys? What to wear for senior portraits for girls?  It's all in my STYLE GUIDE and every senior gets this to help them prepare for great senior pictures.

Here's great blog post to check out if you want to get started - Preparing Great outfits for Senior Pictures  

great results start with a plan

And don't forget the Parting Shot

Our Parting Shot Sessions are a chance to come back in the spring with your graduation cap and gown, college spirit wear, uniform, or other to represent your next adventure

Included in any premium or ultimate session, or $45 on their own

Great for Grad Card Images!

If you want to get started right away with ALL the information on session types, product pricing and planning a GREAT senior session, click this button and the process starts!  I have a lot of options that you will want to consider for your senior photos!

ARe you ready to plan your senior portrait session now?

or, if you have some questions - call or text me anytime!

Thank you so much for requesting the detailed information!  An email is on it's way with the full pricing guide and TONS of details!  Don't get overwhelmed, please.  And reach out with questions as I'd love to customize a session for exactly what YOU want.

thank you!