Commonly asked Questions

Do you only work on your own property?

What if it rains on my session date?

Do you sell digital files?

Do you retouch my images?

How far in advance do I need to book a photo session?

What does my session fee include?

How long do you keep my images, in case I want to order more later?

What can I bring to my session?

When will I see my photo proofs?

How do I know what areas of your portrait park you might use for my session?

What if I want cap and gown photos, but I don't have my own cap and gown yet?

What if I want professional hair and makeup for my session?

When is the best time to have senior pictures taken?

I don't like my yearbook photo from the school - can you retake that for me?

Your session fee is for "time and talent" of the photographer, but may include a print credit.  When your session fee includes a print credit, you may apply that amount towards the purchase of any products I offer.

I watch weather VERY carefully and make sure to stay in touch with you if there are any concerns for your session time - wind, cold, rain, muddy conditions, all could cause a need to reschedule your session.

It is always best to book ASAP when you know you will want a session.  I don't reserve time unless a session is officially "booked", and I do book my sessions as much as a year in advance.  

It is a personal choice WHEN to have senior portraits taken, but I have a blog post that gives you things to think about in the different times of the year HERE.

I encourage you to bring a lot to your session!  At least one EXTRA outfit, jackets, scarves, items that are relevant to hobbies, sports, interests.  Signage if you want, a car, a friend, or even a pet. If you are in doubt, call me and we can chat!

You are fine to have your makeup and hair done professionally.  I have many clients that do - but also have many clients that prefer to do their own hair and makeup and that is fine also.  I ask that you use a matte based foundation and powder, and that you are prepared with brushes, sprays, etc to keep looking tidy during your session time.  

Your proofs are presented as taken, but you may see some images on social media before your ordering appointment as a sneak peek of your proofs.  These will be retouched.  Any images purchased are also hand retouched by me in my multi step image finish processing applied to all purchased images.

Your proofs will be presented at your viewing and ordering session, either in person or virtually via ZOOM.  Proofs are generally available for your viewing and ordering session within one week of your session time.  You will receive an email saying they are ready and asking you to send me some dates on your side that work for scheduling your viewing and ordering time.

Yes, digital files are available individually, in groups of 10 or 20, as an add on to any printed product, for social media only, or as an entire "gallery" of your proofs.  We can chat about what works for your budget at your viewing and ordering session after your photo shoot.

Yes, I have a full indoor studio with the appropriate black velvet drape for girls yearbook photos, and most size tux jackets for guys senior yearbook pictures.  I have the backdrop and lighting, and many of the local schools will even accept my images for publication.

I keep a supply of most of the local popular high school colors in stock for gowns, caps and tassels.  I have the current year's tassel charms and even have some basic cords and stoles.  Ask if I have your school's color!

I prefer to have clients here simply because it provides so many options in your session timeframe.  But I will go on location if a client prefers.  Locations with permits, fees, and reservations necessary are the client's responsibility.  An additional fee of $75 is added to any session fee for going on location.

At the beginning of your session we go over the outfits you've brought and create a "clothing change plan" so we can move around the portrait park and not have to change clothing too many times (it's tiresome and I try to make it as easy as possible for clients).  By doing this, we'll plan for which areas of the portrait park will work with your outfits, and your ideas.  If you only want natural backdrops, we'll do that!  If you are open to textures and some props, we'll do that too.

I work on a school calendar year for my hard drive files.  So if you are graduating in June, I will keep your purchased files on my archive drive until the end of June of your graduating year.  I do not keep images you haven't purchased - those are purged from my hard drive 30 days after your ordering session.