Top 50 Family Photography Blogs – So Excited to share!

My Loudoun Family Portrait Photographer blog site made it to the our Top 50 Family Photography blogs today! I’m so excited and starting to even more energized for the upcoming content I’m working on for this blog and my seniors blog too!

I’ve been working to increase the audience of my blogs recently, both here and for my seniors photography site too. Writing updates and previews and business musings is really only meaningful if someone is actually reading the posts, right?

So this is my chance for people to see me, and read what I’m doing, or thinking. I’m so excited!

Why is it a big deal about the Top 50 Family Photography Blogs list?

Well, in the big vast world of the internet, a simple little blog like mine has about 1 in a zillion chance of ever showing up on Google or Bing unless I work really really hard. And even then, my one post might get a few views. If I’m really lucky, I might even get a comment or two – or the best of all, shares to social media or other sites linking to my post.

But on an everyday basis, this is next to impossible – because you need a LOT of people to see what you are saying, and think it’s worth sharing.

So my goal this year is to up my game in all my blogging. To create relevant content for both my main photography site, and my seniors website. To show the search world that I have some things to contribute and show.

So getting this chance to be one of the Top 50 Family Photography Blogs is AMAZING.

And I will work hard to maintain one of those top 50 slots with this little blog o’ mine.

If you aren’t familiar with Feedspot, it’s a wonderful centralized location for a TON of different bloggers. You can find almost any topic up there and see posts and bloggers to possible follow. You should go check it out!

What am I working on these days?

Sneak peek at what I’m working on this week? It’s about Portrait Park changes and improvements! In the coming weeks we’ll be building a couple new walls, changing some old areas out for new settings, adding a few new plants (of course), and improving the changing rooms too.

Yup – I’ve added some vinyl flooring to the outdoor changing rooms so when you are changing in your clothes you can have socks on without fears of the wood subfloor and splinters. It’s also easier to clean between clients, so it’s better for my Covid 19 safety measures too.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the flooring in the PropShed changing room at the pond:


So now I can add a new skill to my list – peel and stick vinyl flooring. I’ll call it amateur at best, but that’s ok. It works for me!

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