Photography chose me many years ago, but I walked away from the creative side of myself and went about a different path.  Then, when my children came along I decided to spend my time being a "stay at home mommy".  I loved being a mommy first, but it meant there wasn't extra money for cameras & lenses.  

Part of me was always looking for "what I really wanted to be when I grew up" took until I was ALL grown up, but in 2008 when my youngest went off to college I decided I didn't have any excuses any longer, I needed to see if I could do it.  Could I be creative enough?

And I will not lie - this has been a really hard personal journey.  I'm an introvert, and terribly unskilled in most social graces.  So taking on a business that involves me having to preach about myself in a positive way, and be interactive with clients, can imagine where this is going, right?

But surprise!  I actually LOVE working with my clients.  I find being honest with them and even being a little vulnerable is a good thing.  So I've learned to do so many things because of this business, and much of it didn't involve the actual taking of the photos....

About me...

So...more about me...

- my husband (my rock)
- my sons and the wives they brought into our family unit
- my grandchildren - Mikey, Ollie and Fiona (ask about them, I love to talk about them!
- my home - we built it over 20 years ago as a place to "keep" our family, and love being surrounded by them
- my extended family & lifelong friends
- my furry ones - the ones still here, and those that are forever in my heart


I kind of 
like to play
it makes me
cry sometimes

I'm a nikon girl and proud of it! I have too much gear, but hey, it's my gig...

Ireland stole my heart on a trip a few years ago...and bonus - i got to sleep in a castle!

I spend quite a bit of time in disney world...more than the average person...

random notes about Patty