24 creative senior pictures with musical instruments

Are you musically inclined?

Creative senior pictures with musical instruments? Absolutely! Have you spent years learning how to play a musical instrument? Lessons, practice, performances? Music is a big part of your life then, right? So why aren’t we bringing it into your senior pictures?

It’s easy to do…just bring the instrument to your senior portrait session. We can find the perfect light, background, environment and style for the images by just chatting. Bingo- we find a way to capture creative senior pictures with you, and your instrument.

How much you love the guitar, drums, violin, cello, flute or other instrument can be brought out in your senior photos easily.

So let’s create senior portraits with your musical instrument of choice. If you have more than one, bring them all!

We always take care with the musical instruments – I know the investment you and your parents have made, so it’s important to make sure any creative photos we are trying to get keep you AND your instrument safe. I encourage you to bring the cases for the instruments and anything you need, guitar picks, straps, etc to make sure we can make it all look as real as possible.

Leave a note to tell me what musical instrument you play, and how you either incorporated it into a session you had, or how you might to try bringing it into a new session. Here are some ideas for incorporating instruments into your senior photo session.

What musical instrument will you bring to your session?

Want to plan your senior portrait session with a musical instrument?

Ready to get started NOW planning your perfect senior photo session to include your musical instrument? Book NOW.

But first, check out my all new seniors website to see these and MORE creative senior pictures both in the Indoor Studio AND the outdoor Portrait Park.

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