Over the years I've worked in hundreds of the popular Northern Virginia photo locations and found that between the other people in the area and even other photographers, public parks and even permit paid spaces do not lend well to relaxed clients and a comfortable session.  I always want my senior clients relaxed and not rushed! 

what is a portrait park?

Most people think an indoor studio is old fashioned, and so when they walk into this studio, they get a surprise.  

Our modern indoor studio is ALL about creative photos AND your client experience.

the indoor studio

Our own beautiful & private location for Senior Pictures

our photo spaces are designed to offer the best location for
senior pictures in Northern Virginia

I strive to give you the most options for your senior photo session with more environments, both man made and natural, right here in one convenient location.  You won't have to be on parade at public parks and change clothes in your car - we even have outdoor changing rooms for your convenience.  Combined with the fully appointed indoor studio right here on property, you have the perfect location for your senior photo session in Northern Virginia.  Perfect for both senior girls and senior guys - we have LOTS of options that appeal to all.

natural backdrops & scenic areas -
pond with dock and old stone wall -
landscaped waterfall area -
designed sets -
large open field & garden areas -
stone bridge -
old growth forest areas -
outdoor changing rooms!!!

- tons of cool props to use
- large assortment of chairs and couches
- 100s of backdrops
- latest lighting and technology
- well appointed indoor rest room
- mini bar with beverages and quick snacks
- samples of work to showcase what to do with your senior portraits

Let's get started today on YOUR senior pictures!

ARe you ready to plan your senior portrait session?

Thank you so much for requesting the detailed information!  An email is on it's way with the full pricing guide and TONS of details!  Don't get overwhelmed, please.  And reach out with questions as I'd love to customize a session for exactly what YOU want.

thank you!