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Is there still a need for professional senior photos?

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Are you puzzled on what to wear for family photos? Are you trying to put together a group of people with very different styles and have it all look great in the end? It can be challenging, but not impossible! There are a couple things to consider, so read on for some tips and tricks […]

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Trying to find a senior photographer? Confused about senior photos – where to have them done, when to have them done? What does a senior photographer really do? It can be really confusing to find a senior photographer because you have a LOT of options. Which will make comparing your options really, really, hard. We’ll […]

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Cap and gown senior pictures do not have to be the old traditional photo holding a rose and smiling “sweetly” into the camera. While I’m not saying that style doesn’t work for me, I would like to introduce the concept of having a little fun with cap and gown senior pictures. The cap and gown […]

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Creative senior photos are so much more than just a cool backdrop or interesting location. Finding the perfect way to “develop” these images to create ART is what we’re talking about. We start with getting GREAT photos. And that starts with making sure you are booking the right senior portrait session type to give you […]

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Moving to off camera light for outdoor senior pictures wasn’t a simple decision, and along the way there was more than one “!?&$” moment. But in the end, making the decision to use off camera lighting was the best decision I could make as a senior photographer. Some photographers are all natural light – meaning […]

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