Adorable Irish Setter Puppy Family in the snow Just because they are dogs…pardon me, Irish Setters…does not mean they aren’t a family. Look at them…a big brother, a big sister and a little baby puppy…maybe not blood related, but they are growing up together and play together and are probably as bonded as any of […]

Families, Little Ones & Furry Ones

February 8, 2021

3 Irresistible Irish Setter pups are a family too

irish setter puppy family photo

Why I am still a Daddy’s Little Girl So…it all began when a friend told me about having purchased the Facebook Portal for her family. She is able to chat with her mom in the morning, while doing dishes, etc. Daily life stuff, you know? That sounded so cool. I thought, I want to do […]


January 28, 2021

1 moment in time in an image…sad and happy all at once

While so many things are different right now, I’m working hard to focus on the things that are still familiar. Because I really try to be a “glass half full” girl, and not one that focuses on the negative. My happy place gives me hope. So as I sit in my happy place this week […]


January 27, 2021

My Happy Place – where I can recharge in 2021

As I’m working through this week’s marketing and online presence updating, I’m also multi tasking to update the studio with new samples, and new ways to show off your portraits. Today I’m taking down things that represent weddings (sad, I know) and replacing them with more and new senior, family, and newborn images. So I […]


January 19, 2021

Sample Wall Portraits in a stunning new trio

Wall portrait sample wall

Siblings in the Portrait Park I had the pleasure of working with a family recently that brought me their 4 youngest children…two girls and and two boy siblings. Such a lovely family, and the kids are a joy to work with! We had a wonderful time finding ways to capture these siblings in family photos […]


January 11, 2021

4 Adorable Siblings in the Portrait Park for

Siblings outdoor photos