Smoke Bombs in a Senior Session – creative AND fun

Smoke bombs in a senior session?  Why not?  Senior photo sessions are even more fun when we get a little creative and have some fun.  For Kara, we added some smoke bombs at the waterfall so we could play with the colored smoke bombs and the light placement.

There are so many different things we can do in a senior session, but most often we do the “regular” stuff…well, since I have so many places and options for just “regular” sessions. So every now and then it’s fun to “play” and do things out of the ordinary.

Since sessions like this take planning and lots of extra time, I typically reserve them for CREW sessions (my senior spokesmodels) and/or extra sessions after we’ve already captured the more “regular” portraits. This way everyone is happy – mom & dad, senior, and grandparents!

But yesterday I had Kara out for her second CREW session – and I wanted to use the smoke bombs I had around the waterfall. A lot went right…and a bunch didn’t. But that’s ok. So much is up to Mother Nature with smoke bombs because even if the wind seems to be going in one direction, there is no real “telling” if it still be there after you pull the cord AND get to the camera. In between, watching lighting and giving your subject direction all have to happen too. It’s a lot! And all within about 2 minutes of “real smoke” time.

senior portraits with smoke bombs

But I’m pretty happy with a bunch of yesterday’s images, and here are just a few of the smoke bombs favorites I’ll be sharing and using. Hopefully these will catch someone’s attention and cause them to give my business and offerings another look!

Smoke Bomb Senior Girl Waterfall

senior girl waterfall jean jacket smoke bomb

senior girl blue red smoke bombs

purple smoke bombs senior waterfall

I typically keep a good supply of smoke bombs on hand for sessions, but if you know you want to try these in your session, let me know and I’ll be sure to have the right colors on hand for your senior pictures!

Smoke Bombs in a Senior Session - creative AND fun - 1

Please, if you use smoke bombs in your photos – be careful.  They get hot, and can burn.  They create a colored residue that you need think about so you know when to use them (typically at the end of a session for me, just in case it gets on skin or in hair)


Check out my full senior portfolio at pattyschuchmanphotography.com

I carefully source my smoke bombs from Enola Gay

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