Puzzled on what to wear for family photos?

Are you puzzled on what to wear for family photos?

Are you trying to put together a group of people with very different styles and have it all look great in the end? It can be challenging, but not impossible! There are a couple things to consider, so read on for some tips and tricks on how to plan for what to wear for your family photos.

The best place to start for your new group photo is to have a baseline of a color group. The color group you select will give everyone a starting point – whether they will make the choice to go with a pattern, some layers, or just the base colors in different styles – the base colors are the “tie that binds”.

You can go with too many base colors, though. It’s important to stick with no more than 4 colors. And it is also important to make sure they all go together in hues – mixing warms and cools can be dangerous territory, and may not be for the feint of heart, LOL.

Here are some family photo examples of color groups that work really well together when selecting what to wear for family photos –

What to wear for family photos can be different indoors vs outdoors too – so be sure to have an idea of where your images will be taken. And if weather becomes an issue and you can’t reschedule your session, your session might move to an indoor studio. Will your outfits still look good on a muted (well chosen color harmony) backdrop? Working directly with your photographer will make this process easy and painless!

Lots of options for what to wear for family photos

Still confused? Here is a gallery of color families that you can start with – color palettes that work together and that you can use as your starting point. Remember, vary the textures so you have some change from person to person. Someone can wear a complimentary plaid, or floral, but you don’t want everyone in the group wearing plaids and florals – “rest the eye” with some solids and/or textures like sweaters, etc

Someone that stands out in the group?

Every family has that one person that stands out in the group. A style difference, a personality type that commands attention, etc. Whatever the dynamic, don’t fight that in your planning. Allow that person to have “center stage” somewhat with what they want to wear and build your group around it when possible. Allow layers of outfits to bring out more personality, and to quickly change up the image if necessary too.

While styling your next family photo might seem like a big job, it doesn’t have to be daunting. One person should take the lead on the color palette choice, and start in the closets before you go to a store. And if you do find yourself shopping, be sure anyone who has some specific ideas has a “say” in the end choice, because even if you plan for great outfits, we still need the subjects to be happy and feel good about themselves to have a great session. But that’s another post, so I’ll end it there!

Happy what to wear for family photos planning!

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