More creative senior photos – taking senior pictures to the next level

Creative senior photos are so much more than just a cool backdrop or interesting location. Finding the perfect way to “develop” these images to create ART is what we’re talking about.

We start with getting GREAT photos. And that starts with making sure you are booking the right senior portrait session type to give you the options you might want in the end. If you want a simple easy senior photo session with great casual and/or traditional images, we can do that. If you want to incorporate a little more – a car, a hobby, an interest of some kind, and take those images “up a notch”, we can do that too. Depending on what you would like, we have a session type designed for all of it.

senior boy with car great sky

It all starts with a great “core” image

We’ll plan for what we want in the end BEFORE your session even starts. That way, we can have on hand what we might need – smoke bombs, bubbles, props, light modifiers, etc. We’ll make sure we have great core images to work with, whether we are outdoors or in the indoor studio – and we’ll get all the elements of the base images perfect so we have LOTS of options later.

Creative senior photos can be anything from a great black and white effect, to an overlay applied of extra bubbles, extra smoke, or even snow when it didn’t snow on your session day. From there we blend and tweak until the image is just perfect for the emotion we want to convey.

black and white senior guy with baseball glove

Or how about ANOTHER level? We can create custom collages, with layered images and graphic effects…a composite that brings out even MORE from your session images and practically tells a story by itself.

Senior girl Harry Potter Books Creative Composite
More creative senior photos - taking senior pictures to the next level - 1

How the creative senior photos happen

Getting creative senior photos isn’t hard when you hire the right photographer – we have all the tools here to plan for, and follow it all through, to create amazing art pieces for you. I have an extensive knowledge of photoshop and do not “hire out” any of my photo retouching or photo enhancing work. Being able to create composites with elements that are well blended, and effects that do not lessen the quality of the end result image is very important to me. Yes, it would be “easier” to just apply a “filter” and go, but not all photos, and not all filters, work well together. Knowing how to work with images and digital effects in the photoshop world has a learning curve, but the ability to manipulate and create new art is challenging and exciting for me. I’m thrilled to share some of that with my clients whenever given the opportunity.

If you want to create something fun and exciting like these images, call today to set up a time to discuss what session type would work for your needs, and how we can incorporate what you love into your photo session and your senior portrait images.

Want to see more? Check out my senior session portfolio page for Portrait Park and Activities – there are a lot of samples of creative images from over the years to see!

Are you ready? We can start planning for your creative senior photos today!

Check out our senior session guide & pricing HERE, and be sure to follow us on Facebook to see the latest senior session work!

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