Sample Wall Portraits in a stunning new trio

Wall portrait sample wall
Updating this wall in the studio showroom to showcase another new offering for Senior Sessions!

As I’m working through this week’s marketing and online presence updating, I’m also multi tasking to update the studio with new samples, and new ways to show off your images. Today I’m taking down things that represent weddings (sad, I know) and replacing them with more and new senior, family, and newborn images. So I have a few new wall portraits and you’ll see them soon.

The empty wall photo above is one of the ways I help clients find a way to show off their pictures. I’ll be using the same software I use in your viewing and ordering session to see how different images, in different sizes will look on my own wall.

I LOVE helping clients find ways to show their beautiful new images in amazing wall portraits of metal, canvas or mounted/framed images. There are so many options for your wall portraits and using the viewing software is the best way to see exactly how it will look on YOUR walls too.

What wall portraits do you have on your walls?

Stay tuned for the results! I’ll be listing the items I’m taking out on my business Facebook page at www.facebook.com/pattyschuchmanphotography

Check out my full website at pattyschuchmanphotography.com

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