This one photo reminds me I’ll always be a Daddy’s Little Girl

Why I am still a Daddy’s Little Girl

So…it all began when a friend told me about having purchased the Facebook Portal for her family. She is able to chat with her mom in the morning, while doing dishes, etc. Daily life stuff, you know?

That sounded so cool. I thought, I want to do that too. So I convinced the hubby to buy them for my mom, his parents, and my brother in law. (And by the way, it is pretty cool technology, so check it if out if you haven’t already. And I get nothing for this by the way).

Fast forward, to me just walking around my kitchen one morning feeling like I was overwhelmed by life. And this photo pops up on the Portal device- here’s my moment in time… This guy is my dad. He passed away years ago, but this look is the THE look – you know, the one you get from your mom or dad when they are just looking at you and saying I love you without the actual words.

Father looking over me, daddy’s little girl

And I’m back in time…

BOOM! I can see my dad looking at me in just that way...the way he would every time I needed to know he loved me no matter what…and a hug could cure it all. I was then, literally, a daddy’s little girl. I was the youngest in the family, and sort of a surprise so there was some age difference between me and my siblings.

Yup, I was a true daddy’s little girl. I knew it, too. I knew I could look at him and ask for things and I knew just how to get them. He would pretend to be tough, but there was always extra money in his wallet, extra time he really didn’t have to do something I needed, and always, always, time to sing me a song.

My big moment in time was my wedding day… I sobbed at the song “daddy’s little girl” as he crooned it in my ear. This man, with the rough truck driver hands, made me stop and listen. Rarely ever yelling, rarely ever stern. I never wanted to make him unhappy, or have him be disappointed in me. He had the biggest heart and I know I speak for all my siblings when I say, we all knew we were loved by him.

So fast forward to 2021…in my kitchen. This photo must be pulled from some old album on my Facebook (honestly, I really do NOT know which one), but it comes up at the most opportune times now. ALWAYS to tell me he is still looking over me. I am still a daddy’s little girl. And that look will give me pause, and peace. (Which if you know me, I almost always need LOL)

What does a photograph do for you? Do you have those images in your house that you walk past and are drawn back into a moment by?

While this was “just” a candid snap…it is WHY I do what I do. I want to bring those moments back to life for others too.

When was the last time you had family photos taken? Don’t put them off – whatever or however your family dynamics are, don’t wait until someone isn’t here everyday to make those moments timeless.

Are you ready to start planning your next family session?


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