Sweet Matthew, Class of 2020 – Senior Guy Pictures

Senior guy pictures are real too – senior photos are not just for girls!  

Matthew had his high school senior portraits in the popular portrait park earlier in the week.  Color cooperated beautifully, as did the weather.  I’m biased, but I love the color of the leaves in the backgrounds of the portrait park in the fall.  Fall color and senior photos, it’s a win-win!

Senior guy pictures outdoors in fall


Here are just a few from Matthew’s outdoor senior pictures session. I can’t wait to show all of them to his family soon at their custom viewing and ordering appointment.

Senior guy photos in the outdoor portrait park

Posing for Senior Guy Pictures

I love the versatility of the prop shed, pictured above. The sliding door on the side is a great place to sit casually and gives guys a great chance to look relaxed too. It’s great from all angles to – the wood behind in this photo was stained specifically for a good neutral background, and for straight on photos the wall will be black in the background.

I tell clients all the time, guy senior pictures aren’t more difficult than girl’s senior pictures. The difference is that most guys aren’t as eager for senior photos as girls typically might be (exceptions all the time on this misnomer, at least for my business).

I actually truly enjoy working with senior boys for guy senior pictures. Maybe it’s because I had two boys myself and was sorely disappointed in their Prestige portrait sessions from the school. That fuzzy, blurred look they use and weird hand placement for guys.

Senior Guy Pictures are all about them relaxing

Seriously, getting good senior photos for guys works best when the guy relaxes – and trusts the photographer. When the photographer doesn’t put them into awkward poses, or spend the entire time trying to make a girl pose work for a guy. But the most important aspect is to get to know the subject – gender aside, a great senior picture happens when the senior portrait photographer actually works WITH the subject to find a pose and expression that is natural.

Prop Shed works for every session

Every aspect of this shed was designed for the photos we could take. The brick on this side was chosen for it’s distressed look and the colors in it. The opposite side of the building is stone, and again, the color and style of stone was selected for how it looks in the light on that side of the property.

And of course, inside this building is one of the outdoor changing rooms. It’s super convenient for clothing changes and makes it easier for keeping everything looking tidy – hair, clothing, accessories.

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