Got Twins? Confused on the options for senior sessions for twins?

Confused on the options for senior sessions for twins? If you have multiples – twins or more! – you need some answers before this gets EXPENSIVE, right?

All their lives they’ve had things at the same time, or close to…so what are your options for senior portraits?

I offer two options – share the session with extra time so each twin gets some individual time AND the option for a few together poses, or book separate sessions and be sure we have both twins at at least one of them so we can grab some together poses.

Sharing a session

This works for many reasons, and mostly, the budget.  But besides the savings of not having to book two or more sessions, this option gives parents a chance to have images of both (or more) kids together too.  And in a shared session, we can accomplish that with multiple outfit options also. 

In a shared session we would split the time and stick to a plan we’d set up to maximize the time.  Since I’ve done this a time or two, I know the best options for senior sessions for twins includes a clothing change plan to make sure I keep one “on deck” while working with the other.  While it might look confusing to someone watching, trust me, I got this.  

No matter what, with all the twins I’ve photographed, mom and dad want some of them together. And no matter, with all the twins I’ve photographed, the twins want to be their own “person” and have their own session. (or sometimes one twin does and the other doesn’t care as much one way or the other…sound familiar? but typically at least one twin has an opinion on how the session should go…)

So we’ll be sure to maximize time for both in a shared session, don’t worry.

More options for senior sessions for twins – separate session times

While a bit of a hit on the budget (but be sure to tell me what you need because I ALWAYS work with parents and I discount the second session when we do multiple independent session), this option gives each senior the most for time for each of them to express their own personality.  

So to be clean, this gives them each a complete session of their own.  And while I’d discount the session fee for the second (or third) session, we would also add some time to one or the other session to give time for images of both of them together.  Because I know…in all the options for senior sessions for twins, parents want images of them together in addition to individual images of each.

So be sure to know, I’ve got this.  I have had many, many multiples in senior sessions and I know the dynamics can be quite dramatically different in each.  I’m sensitive to that, and will work with each indecently and not treat them as “one”.

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twins shared senior session in the portrait park
senior photos for twins
Options for senior sessions for twins

Twins, triplets, quads…I’ve had them all. And I love them as much as I love single senior sessions. In many ways, the opportunity to see these “siblings” of the same age, and how different they are is just amazing. Being trusted to preserve these memories for family is an honor.

So bring on the multiples! And rest easy, I’ll give you great images and give them a great session – shared or independently. Because I can’t wait for the chance to work with you, and your seniors. Will you call me so we can start planning?

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