It’s Spring in the Portrait Park

Spring in the Portrait Park is a bit of work. We have a lot of things that we take inside for the winter and of course all of that has to be put back outside and set back up. Some of it moves to new areas, depending on what I think would make a great background for it.

I like to move things around each year if possible – sometimes it needs a tweak – like the Vintage Chevy truck. Depending on the growth of the large evergreens, the truck sometimes needs to move forward, or back. This year, we had to move it over (and that was a treat let me tell you, lol)

Spring brings new things too…

This is also the time new items are introduced – like this new gazebo trellis. By the way, this was NOT easy for one single person to put together. Yeah, I get myself into these situations a lot.

spring in the portrait park

Although a bit of a challenge to assemble, it’s there and ready for pretty pictures. I’ve decided to leave this one bare – meaning no flowers will grow on it. I think it makes a cleaner scene in this setting, and fits with the rustic look of the rock wall and pond background.

Thoughts? I love ideas!

Spring in the portrait park means planting too…

And of course, that means digging in the dirt. Sometimes I’m moving a plant from one place to another, or I’m replacing a plant that deer ate. Yeah, those little buggers are a big problem here. Can we talk about the year they ate ALL of my hydrangeas?? And I have a LOT of hydrangeas because they make a beautiful background. Not that year….{SIGH}

So spring in the portrait park is a busy time. And I have a deadline – I typically have seniors coming back for parting shot sessions staring early April, and so everything has to be done by then. And it’s also typically raining a lot, so these are days when I wear the worst clothes and ruin at least one pair of shoes too….again {SIGH}

But between trips to the nurseries I love (see list below of my favorites), I can almost always be found in the portrait park…digging, cutting, pruning, building, painting, moving, planning.

Always planning. With 20 acres of space here I have a LOT of plans ALL THE TIME. That’s both good and bad – my brain goes in many directions all the time. But planning the areas is fun too. I get inspiration from everywhere.

My poor husband …. he is so devoted to helping me, and I take gross advantage of that every spring in the portrait park…

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Favorite nurseries for plants:

Meadow Farms Leesburg

Blue Mount Nursery

Abernethy & Spencer

Lowes Garden Center

Home Depot Garden Center (seriously, the plants are typically really well priced in the home improvement centers)

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