Is it just another shed? This is a PROP SHED

It looks a little bit like a Tiny Home, but it’s not. A shed, maybe. But this building is so much more! Anyone who has a session in my outdoor Portrait Park knows that when we use the natural pond there isn’t a building available for a changing room. I solved that problem in the Upper Portrait Park with the BIG RED SHED, but the pop up tent was the only solution I had for the natural pond.

This little building will solve that problem! A good size changing room so no more pop up tent!

But I couldn’t justify building something just for that…so I added a little more to it.

This building will have an adorable front porch…perfect for porch “sits” and “leans” for seniors – but also for posing families! Add to that a cute “dutch door”, which adds character and another “lean” pose option…oh, and how about one whole side of the building all stone? Wouldn’t that make a great backdrop for photos too? Let’s take it up another notch…and say the other side could be brick – with a sliding barn door…check, check, check…at least three more possible “scene” options…and that my friends, is why this little building is so much more than just another shed!

A shed with purpose…or better yet, “purposes”.

Watch it’s construction on instagram – I’ll be posting photos every time it gets more added to it!

Shed for photography sessionsPhoto shed at portrait park

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