Beautiful family of 12 over the years…

This family of 12 has had me back so many times over the years and I’m blessed to be able to say I’ve watched these kids grow up. It’s one of the “perks” of my job to see families grow…and change. So having the opportunity to photograph a family for almost 10 years has been wonderful beyond measure for me. Here are their favorite images from their recent late fall session.

Over the years we’ve done many different setups with all of the kids, but every session includes an individual of each child in the family, and multiple set ups – all the girls, all the boys, etc. I’m especially happy that mom and dad both allow me to photograph them too – so many parents don’t like to get in the photo, but it’s important and I’m thrilled that these two do it. And do it well, right? They are adorable together.

Some might say this family of 12 has a lot kids….

But I’ve seen these folks for so many years and I can tell you these parents have it together. The kids are ALL loved and watching them interact with each other proves they all not only respect each other, they LOVE each other too. Isn’t it great to see a family that has love as a foundation?

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