About me

I could tell you I’m passionate about photography, but everyone does that in their “About Me” section, don’t they? I could tell you about my husband of 30 years, my two grown sons I’m so incredibly proud of and a daughter in law now too, my dog & cats, but what you really want & need to know is that I did not just pick up a camera two years ago and decide to be a photographer because another career didn’t work out or because I’m “in between” with the little ones at home looking for part time income.

Photography chose me many years ago – and being the right brain/left brain person I am, I didn’t follow that path early on – I went into banking many years ago (because it was more “practical”), I was a very busy mommy and wife, PTA & O-ed, and kept busy with everything that consumed me during those early years with house & family. I always kept a camera, but going down the path of being a photographer was a luxury during those years of time, expense & confidence, so it was put aside.

My first camera was a polaroid, followed by 110 instamatics with the old square flash bulbs, small compact 35mm point and shoots, and even a Kodak “Disc” camera – but I truly fell in love with photography when I was 16 and I received my first 35 mm SLR. I worked in a camera store part time to buy film and lenses, and LOVED the feel of the camera and the sound of the film advancing.  Yes, I was the yearbook photographer and yes, I had that camera with me at ALL times.

I’d like to say I kept up with the “hobby” gone wild that began when I was 7 and grew during my teenage years, but I cannot say so honestly as it was simply too expensive and my family and children came first. About 15 years ago, when the kids were in elementary school, I started over with my very first Nikon 35 mm camera and starting finding my niche once again. Quickly, I realized Portraiture was my true fascination. I love the play of finding a pose, an expression, an emotion in a photograph. And I love playing with light – how it falls, it’s color, it’s way of creating an interpretation in a photograph. Now with the digital world it is the sound of the shutter clicking, not film advancing, that is music to my ears.

The Journey to the Business

I didn’t “jump” into this as a business until 2008. I waited until my youngest son was about to graduate high school – I knew myself and I knew to give 150% to this as a business I needed to first “finish” as a mommy (as if you are ever “finished”, right?). As a business, there is an investment of time and dollars and sweat equity that consumes me most days and knowing myself, and what I wanted to give to my clients, I needed as much time as possible to make it work successfully.

Over the years now I’ve come to realize success in a photography business can be judged in many ways, but to me, the best success is when a client is moved by my photography and feels something with the images I create. That is success to me.

I love composing shots, and still thrill to find the right perspective to show a subject in their most flattering way. I hope you will allow me to help you find a way to turn your everyday moments into forever memories….so call me today so we can plan a time for your next session – and we’ll turn today into an image you’ll always have to look upon.


My Studio


Light has a way of making me stop and wonder … the possibilities for relating light to a scene are endless.

I welcome you to my home studio as I welcome friends to my home – it’s a peaceful place in Round Hill, Virginia.  My husband and I live in a rural area, very convenient to Route 7 East Bound in the town of Bluemont, Virginia.   Our home sits on 20+ acres of what was once farm land, and we are surrounded by big, beautiful mature trees.  The setting is beautiful for outdoor photos, and I welcome folks to use our outdoors too if they decide they want a rural look to their photos. My outdoor setting includes a small pond, and some strategically placed “sets” and props that can enhance your outdoor portrait experience, a beautiful waterfall, small stone bridge, and so much more!  I call my outdoor option my “Portrait Park” – be sure to check out the video clip about the portrait park with image samples from some of the popular locations around the area.

I also travel to a client’s home or location with a portable light set up whenever necessary and I can also shoot “natural light”, although I believe good light is important, so I’ll fill in with additional light sources when necessary and appropriate to get the best image possible.

Locations are always part of the ongoing customization of YOUR session.  I work with you to find the best settings to enhance your photos and welcome your suggestions on new locations.

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My Philosophy about this business

I tell anyone who asks that a Photography business is 1/3 art, 1/3 science and 1/3 business.  Without any of those parts, I don’t believe a photography business will succeed. Dedication to being the best in all three areas is what makes a photographer great.  I want to be GREAT.  I will work very hard to be GREAT (although I may never admit I’m that good if I get there LOL).  Becoming the best I can be is my goal, and I will never settle for “good enough”.  I will provide quality products and services – and you will be treated like a member of my family when you become my client.  You are welcomed into my home and I hope you’ll have a positive experience and love the resulting images.

There is always a reason to make a memory…let me help you make the ones that will last forever.