they are making BIG decisions about their life as they face high school graduation - give them an experience that helps build their confidence for now, and for their future

Download the Ultimate Guide to Senior Portraits

Seriously there is NO obligation here..I'm just sharing helpful information!

Because it's easy to get caught up in pretty websites...but they don't tell the whole story of what the experience will be like to work with a senior portrait photographer, and that makes ALL the difference,
both for you and the senior.

Can I share a personal story with you?

When my oldest was getting ready for his senior year in high school, I didn't even think about Senior photos.  I received a form from the school about a date with the school's photographer, got some shirts together for the "picture day", sent him in and waited for the proofs.  
And I didn't like any of them.  And I could NOT understand the packages, either.  

But I bought them.  Even though he hated them, even though I didn't like them.  They were his senior photos...of course I had to buy them, right?

So my goal with this FREE guide is to make sure everyone knows they have a choice, and to help you find the right option for you. I just wish I knew back then that I could look for someone else who might take the time with my own son to get great senior photos.  

I didn't even know I had other options besides the school's photographer

Looking at a photograph brings back the moment in time of having the image taken for the person in the photo - and that experience can be a great memory, or a less than great one. It can make them look at the image differently, and make them look at themselves differently too. 

Help them feel amazing about themselves

Finding the right senior portrait photographer for your high school or college senior
is really important.  

Let me help you make that decision you spend your money wisely, AND get results you will back at and LOVE...

 What if I told you I put together the
Ultimate Guide to finding a Senior Photographer
to help you make that decision of who is right for you easier?
And that it’s FREE…

every image should make the senior feel great about themselves and love the results too.

This guide helps you check one thing off the Senior Year "To-do" list....

Navigating all the things we have to do, and help our kids to do during their high school senior year is HARD.  And sometimes, it's actually overwhelming.  Wouldn't it be nice if there were a tip sheet for one of the items on your list?  Well, here it is!

This guide will actually help you make finding the right photographer really easy.  It outlines what you should think about, and helps you make the selection easier.   So you can check this job OFF your list!

And it's no obligation to take it - so go ahead - take it!  I think you will find it helps you ask the right questions and make a great decision. Even if you end up with the school's photographer, at least you will know you had choices and you checked this task off with confidence in your decision!



I’ve broken down the options, things to think about for what you and your senior will want from a senior photo session, and what may help them feel comfortable, what may or may not be convenient for you and your senior, and what to think about when you’ve started to consider actual senior photographers to work with…so you spend your money wisely, and get results you will look back at and LOVE…

Because, in the end, it should be a pretty picture. But the definition of that is different for everyone and the process to get that photo is different for every photographer.

Let me help you make that decision you find the perfect senior portrait photographer, and the right senior photo experience for both of you.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Senior Portraits

Seriously there is NO obligation here..I'm just sharing helpful information!