Ready to book!

Great! You’ve made the decision to book a session with me – and I’m really excited to be getting to know you better!

Did you start with the Info Guides?  Lots of information about all the session types, print prices, etc in them.  I have three of them – one for high school seniors, one for weddings, and one for everything else including family portraits, business portraits and more!  I’m happy to send you one if you just fill out this form online.


First, we’ll chat about what you want and where you want to have it

We want to work with you to plan the right session, so you get the right resulting images.  We have so many options it works best if we can chat or even meet in person prior to your session to make sure we get it all right for you!


Next decision – when?

We’ll talk about your schedule and find some dates that work on your end and my side too, and of course, we’ll take into account the type of session you want to have.  Some sessions have times of day that work better than others, so we gather as much info as possible to make sure we’re setting things up for success!  (and yes, we do offer reschedules for weather issues, so no worries)


All set now?  We’ll BOOK it!


All of our booking paperwork is online, so once the decisions above are made we’ll send an email with a link to the online reservation form for you to sign digitally.  Once that’s done you’ll have a secure payment page for your session fee, which is due at the time of booking.  After that, you are in the system and we’ll start the rest of the work to make sure the session is a complete success!


Now…we’ll help you prepare!

We will get your organized quickly with a series of informative emails that will help you prepare for the exact session you’ve booked.  Seniors get a great welcome packet that is full of great tips too, designed just for them.  And we’ll always be available to help you if any questions or concerns come up – just call anytime!


Now – commonly asked questions!

What do you suggest we wear to our session?

Check out the link on this blog for What to Wear – it has a ton of color combinations that work great together for your consideration.  Seniors will also receive a printed welcome packet in the mail with lots of tips and ideas for gathering clothing and what works well…and what doesn’t…

What time of day is best for our session if it’s outdoors?

Outdoor sessions are best done 1.5 -1 hour before sunset.  We don’t like to shoot at noon, but if it’s a cloudy day it can work.  We do typically schedule a session to start about 30 minutes before ideal shooting time, sometimes sooner. Again, the session questionnaire really helps me make suggestions for your specific circumstances.  We can also schedule early morning sessions, but I do try to time your session to be the best time for the location we are using, so I start with that information.

What if it rains on our session date?

Rain happens…in most cases I’ve checked the weather report and have contacted you regarding possible weather issues for any outdoor sessions.  I stay on top of weather for all outdoor sessions and we will work together to find the best possible outcome for your plans.  We can reschedule to another date or possibly move to the indoor studio if it’s available.



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