High School Seniors

We offer all the popular session types from a FREE Yearbook session to the ULTIMATE in Senior Portrait sessions – with everything in between. Our goal is to provide you with the most options in your senior session and we accomplish that by being the best, with the most experience, and offering more in both our brand new amazing indoor studio and our exclusive one of a kind outdoor Portrait Park than anyone else, anywhere else.

We study lighting, posing and more for THIS AGE GROUP. And we plan, build and create portrait “sets”, backdrops and environments that fit this age group. We do all our own marketing, all our own office administration and handle all our own paperwork. And yes, we retouch our own photos – we don’t “outsource” any of the work.

We start by working with you to help you select the best session, AND prepare for it with a flood of information prior to your session. And we even make sure our studio spaces are totally set up for your comfort during a session. We think of the entire experience so you can have as much as possible without all the hassles of running around. Because that’s what makes us different. And that means MORE options for you.

How do you get started??

  • First, the session type and date – we’ll help with that too!
  • Then, the “prep” for the session – we’ll help with that too! – I have a full featured STYLE GUIDE to help you plan!
  • Then, the actual session – oh yeah, we definitely help with that…
  • Next, what do you want to do with all the great images?

We REALLY help with that…so you don’t have to buy everything, but so you buy what you want, and make it work for your budget. We do offer the most popular products, but if you don’t leave happy with both the experience and the complete end result (including how much you spent overall) we did not do our job well. We know you’ll fall in love with everything, but our job is to help you find what you need – and not make you buy what you don’t want!  No pressure, ever.

And yes, we’ll tell you how much EVERYTHING costs before we start the process. Because we know we offer the best value of all your choices out there, and we want to show you that now, before we even start. Why keep secrets, right? We offer a full digital brochure with all the details of our session types and all our product pricing – simply click REQUEST MORE INFO and we’ll be happy to send it along to you so you can see why our studio is different than ANY OTHER out there.

Specific Session types offered –

  • The Senior 1, 2, and 3 sessions – to give you all the possibilities for any budget, starting at only $75, I’m sure you’ll find a session type that works for you!
  • Premium Senior– 2 hours  to use in the amazing indoor studio and outdoor Portrait Park here –  this is the most popular session type of all.  Gives you a little bit of everything and fits most budgets for senior images nicely!  More variety, more options, more proofs – more of YOU.  This session includes a large print credit and when you factor what you get back to spend, this session is a GREAT bargain!
  • Senior Ultimate Session – want to have senior images, AND a family session?  Or maybe the popular split studio session AND another complete session elsewhere?  Whatever combination works, this session type gives it to you.
  • And of course, if you only need the Yearbook image – I offer mini indoor studio sessions (20 minutes) and  I supply the tux jackets and drapes (have them in all sizes).  If your image needs to go to a school I get your selection there for you too.

We keep our session fees low and our product pricing reasonable – we know we offer the most, but we want you to have as many options as possible without the anxiety of having to commit to something before the process starts, or out of your budget afterwards.  But you won’t sacrifice quality of anything you’ll get – we only offer the best products and the best experience!