Is your Wedding Photographer really prepared?…{Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer}

There’s a lot more to it than you’d think…

When I decided to “work” weddings I did NOT take it on lightly. Unlike others who decide that working weddings can be “quick” money (which could NOT be farther from the truth), I took on the responsibility that capturing a wedding day was a HUGE commitment to each couple I worked with…and I would not take it lightly.

For me, I knew I had to have really good equipment -and backups in case something broke, was misplaced, or some other scenario that would make a first time wedding photographer cringe. But I wanted to take that one step further…so I thought about my own experiences, and experiences on the other side – the hiring a photographer side- and how I could better the experience for my own clients. I tried to think about ANYTHING that could go wrong, and do anything I could to avoid those possibilities.

I decided that all cameras would have to have two memory card slots, and I’d shoot “redundant” – meaning each card saves the same image (so two copies of each image). AND …I would change BOTH memory cards multiple times during the day. This ensures that if a memory card fails (and they do), I would have a second card to get images from…and I would never lose an ENTIRE day’s worth of images because when you use only one big card, that can happen. And of course, I had to have multiple sets of this system for weddings that are “back to back”.

So I had to come up with a system for keeping track of those cards, and downloading in order, etc. In comes the RED BINDER. All cards, from all cameras are put into this binder on a wedding day and my assistant guards it with his/her life. Both cards are put into the numbered envelopes in order of how they are used during the day. Upon downloading the images I take one card out and leave the second card in the numbered envelope. This is the insurance card…just in case card #1 is bad. (and yes, it’s happened more than once in 11 years) That second card STAYS in the red binder until all images are completely downloaded, and backed up on my back up drives…and until I deliver final .jpegs to my client. So I “tie” up about $400-$500 worth of memory cards for up to 4 weeks…just to be sure. Over kill? Maybe. But if it was your wedding day, would you think so?

How’s that for a system? Ask your wedding photographer how they shoot, store, and download YOUR images and then decide if that’s a good gamble for your images…because it’s pretty devastating to hear AFTER the wedding day you’ve planned for, and paid thousands of dollars to have that your images are…well, unavailable.

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