About my business

All about me – this is hard! I’m a wife, mother, dog and cat lover, fiercely loyal person, and I move at about 100 mph most of the time until I just have to stop and listen to a great song, watch a tear jerker movie, or see the sunset. I love to read, to have lunch with my friends, spend time puttering in my house (this does NOT include house cleaning or cooking any longer, though, to my family’s dismay, LOL), and learning to be the best I can be at whatever task I take on.

My business began “officially” in spring 2008 – and although that sounds like it wasn’t that long ago, my journey has been practically 24/7 since that time.  And I could tell you that I’ve had a pro camera on me since I was 16 years old (many, many moons ago LOL), or I could tell you I’m passionate about what I do…but suffice it to say I’m a fairly driven person and once I made the decision to go “pro”, I didn’t stop at the business license.  And I didn’t enter this business lightly – I ignored all the nay-sayers, the bad economy, the statistics on startups, and decide to forge my own path. I waited until my kids were grown and mostly on their own so I could completely focus (pardon the pun) and because I knew I’d be committed to ongoing education, a full understanding of my equipment, and the necessary drive it takes to run and market a business successfully.  I have affiliations with most of the best professional print houses in the country, and read everything I can get my hands on that relates to my field or business.

I tell anyone who asks that a Photography business is 1/3 art, 1/3 science and 1/3 business.  Without any of those parts, I don’t believe a photography business will succeed. Dedication to being the best in all three areas is what makes a photographer great.  I want to be GREAT.  I will work very hard to be GREAT (although I may never admit I’m that good if I get there LOL).  Becoming the best I can be is my goal, but I know that I will always have more to learn and more to do, so I’ll enjoy the journey towards that goal for now.

I have a beautiful home studio (2000 square feet of dedicated space) that I use and that I have outfitted with the best equipment possible.  I also travel to a client’s home or location with a portable light set up whenever necessary and I can still to shoot “natural light”, although I believe good light is important, so I’ll fill in when necessary and appropriate to get the best image possible.   Well, you probably already guess that I love to take pictures, but I also love to study light and how it falls.  My husband will often find me looking out the window after a rain fall and remarking on the beautiful golden light it creates.  Light has a way of making me stop and wonder … the possibilities for relating light to a scene are endless.

I welcome you to my studio as I welcome friends to my home – it’s a peaceful place in Round Hill, Virginia.  My husband and I live in a rural area, very convenient to Route 7 East Bound in the town of Bluemont, Virginia actually.  Since Bluemont has no home mail delivery, our mailing address is Round Hill.  Our home sits on 20+ acres of what was once farm land, and we are surrounded by big, beautiful mature trees.  The setting is beautiful for outdoor photos, and I welcome folks to use our outdoors too if they decide they want a rural look to their photos. The Outdoor Portrait Park is exclusive to Patty Schuchman Photography and has a natural pond with scenes all around it, winding gravel road, long lines of fencing, fields, a specially designed waterfall for even getting INTO the water, a small stone bridge, park like old growth wooded forest area, and specially built “scenes” to give your session the most variety possible.

Other locations are always part of the ongoing customization of YOUR session.  I work with you to find the best settings to enhance your photos and welcome your suggestions on new locations.

The most popular towns that I service are: Lucketts, Sterling, Ashburn, Purcellville, Leesburg, Stone Bridge, South Riding, Middleburg, Lovettsville, Hamilton, Lincoln, Bluemont, Round Hill, Hillsboro, Berryville, Upperville, Chantilly, Reston, and Herndon.  I can and will shoot anywhere in most of Northern Virginia, and some parts of West Virginia and Maryland also.  I have clients that travel up from Quantico, Manassas, Arlington and Alexandria.  I’m excited to be reaching into so many new places for clients and new friends!

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